Tim Hortons Celebrates National Donut Day with Limited-Edition Food Mash-Up

 The Honey Dip Donut Breakfast Sandwich will be available on June 1st for one morning only

TORONTO, MAY 24, 2018 – On June 1st, Tim Hortons will launch a limited-edition food creation to celebrate National Donut Day: The Honey Dip Donut Breakfast Sandwich. Paying homage to Tim Hortons heritage as Canada’s donut leader, Guests will be able to enjoy their favourite classic breakfast sandwich on a Honey Dip donut. The sweet and savoury sandwich will be available for purchase at all Tim Hortons locations during breakfast hours.

The Tim Hortons culinary team worked for months to find the right donut, and the winner was Honey Dip. The delicate sweetness of this donut balances perfectly with the smoky, savoury flavours of the classic breakfast sandwich.

“We are excited to bring Canadians together with a fun food creation that pairs our breakfast sandwich with Canada’s favourite treat,” says Sami Siddiqui, President, Tim Hortons Canada. “For 54 years, donuts have been a core part of our heritage. Every day is donut day at Tim Hortons!”

Spreading the National Donut Day love even further, Tim Hortons is giving Canadians the chance to win free donuts for a year. To enter, Guests can take a selfie with the Honey Dip Donut Breakfast Sandwich or their favourite Tims donut on June 1st and share on Twitter or Instagram using #TimsGoesDonuts, tagging @TimHortons.

To complement the launch of the Honey Dip Donut Breakfast Sandwich, Tim Hortons provides “Timbitsof information on the brand’s donut history with 10 fun (and yummy!) donut facts:

Top 10 Tim Hortons Donut Facts

The first Tim Hortons donuts ever made were classic Canadian favourites, including the Dutchie and the Apple Fritter!  

A whopping 43 million donuts are served per month in Canada — that’s 10 million per week and 1.4 million per day!

In 2017, Canadians ate so many Tim Hortons donuts that if you were to stack them horizontally on top of one another, it would reach the height of the CN Tower!  

Canada is the number one donut consumer in the world at around 1 billion annually, followed by Japan in a close second!

Lloydminster, Alberta wins for most donuts consumed per capita. The other Canadian cities better step up their donut game!

Did you know donuts are not round? The technical shape of a donut is actually a toroid.

The rarest Tim Hortons donuts are Maple Cruller, Maple Swirl, Chocolate Snow, Chocolate Éclair and Long Johns!

The Timbit was introduced in 1976.  It was created to make a snack-sized version of Canada’s famous donuts that everyone loves so much! Since then, Canadians have eaten enough of the bite-sized snack to stretch to the moon and back five times if they were laid out end-to-end.

Tim Horton had four daughters, which were represented by the four donuts in the company’s original logo. A sentimental symbol for a sentimental Canadian brand!

Have you heard of our “Priestley” donut? After Jason Priestley stuffed a chocolate Timbit into a strawberry filled donut on an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and named it “The Priestley,” Tim Hortons decided to actually make a batch – a Timbit IN a donut? Genius. Cobie Smulders was so envious of her co-star that after much public opinion about wanting her own donut, Tim Hortons also created Smulders a treat of her own – the ‘Robin Sparkles.’


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