How to Recycle - Step 1: Click - Follow the arrow then click

Locate the tab above the embossed arrow on the capsule and then snap.

How To Recycle - Step 2: Separate - Then separate the lid from the filter

Peel away the lid from the outer cup and separate the lid from the filter.

How To Recycle - Step 3: Recycle - Follow the arrow then click

Recycle the outer plastic cup where #6 polystyrene plastic is accepted (check with your local recycling service provider). Compost the coffee grinds, and place the remaining lid and filter in the trash.

Let's Recycle BC! Let's Recycle BC!
EcoCup™ pods need to be separated in order to recycle.

Hey BC - Let’s recycle together.

We are working with Multi Material British Columbia (MMBC) on a recycling study until the end of 2015. This will allow us to track how the EcoCup™ pods go from store shelves, to the blue box, to recycling centers. See more information below and learn how you can be a part of it.

Let's Recycle British Columbia

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