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Getting there with Tim Hortons

Our scholarship program

As a team member of Tim Hortons you are a valuable part of the team. That is why your local Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners are proud to offer you and your children/grandchildren the chance to apply for the Team Tim Hortons Scholarship Program.

Our Team Tim Hortons Scholarship Program is designed to recognize restaurant team members and their children or grandchildren who believe in giving back to the community (through volunteer work) and would like to pursue post-secondary education.

A total of 220 scholarships will be awarded this year, 200 in Canada and 20 in the United States. Each scholarship is valued at $1,000 CDN/USD.

Apply Now for the 2015 Team Tim Hortons Scholarship Program.

For more details on the Team Tim Hortons Scholarship Program, talk to your Restaurant Owner today. Applications will be accepted between February 14th and April 12th.

"I am incredibly thankful for this scholarship program as it has enabled me not only to get a Degree, but to meet new people and create the foundation for my future.  So as I walk across the stage at Convocation and receive my Degree in Chemistry, I will look back upon the Team Tim Hortons Scholarship with gratitude.  Thank you for this opportunity."
2013 Team Tim Hortons Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you so much for the scholarship! The money will help pay for a college that I was hoping to attend but wasn't sure I could afford. This college has a major tailored for me and I am so thankful for the opportunity."
2012 Team Tim Hortons Scholarship Recipient

"Earning this Scholarship lessens the worry that I have about earning money for tuition and residence along with many other expenses."
2011 Team Tim Hortons Scholarship Recipient

"Everyone who is eligible should definitely apply! It is really great that Tim Hortons cares enough about their employees and their children and grandchildren to offer this opportunity."
2010 Team Tim Hortons Scholarship Recipient

"The Tim Hortons Scholarship Program supports not only student employees, but all employees who have children working towards a higher education. Hats off to Tim Hortons - the job is as good as the coffee!"
2008 Team Tim Hortons Scholarship Recipient

"I was proud to say I got a scholarship from Tim Hortons. It made me even more proud to be working at a great company like this."
2005 Team Tim Hortons Scholarship Recipient

Our Scholarship Could Help You Get There.

Click here to read some of our past scholarship recipients' success stories.

2013 Scholarship Winners

United States


Alicia Rollins - Bangor
Alicia Rollins
Kestrel Dantillio - Bangor
Kestrel Dantillio
Victoria Rollins - Bangor
Victoria Rollins


Alexandra Sciacca - Woodhaven
Alexandra Sciacca
Joseph Lesada - Woodhaven
Joseph Lesada
Maitri Patel - Canton Township
Maitri Patel
Canton Township
Scott Majchszak - Jackson
Scott Majchszak

New York

Hannah Anderson - Amherst
Hannah Anderson
Heather Maynard - Spencerport
Heather Maynard
Nina Pellegrino - Amherst
Nina Pellegrino
Leah Flick - Amherst
Leah Flick
Rebecca Reile - Lackawanna
Rebecca Reile
Scott Majchszak - Greece
Scott Majchszak


Brent Palmer - Huber Heights
Brent Palmer
Huber Heights
Brianne Mosley - Lancaster
Brianne Mosley
Laura Hoke - Beavercreek
Laura Hoke