Tim Hortons Coffee Every Cup Tells a Story

Ensuring you get a fresh cup of coffee, every time

Tim Hortons was founded on the promise of making fresh, delicious coffee every time. And we're as committed to that idea today as we were in 1964. That's why you'll see expiry times written on our coffee pots. This time proves that every coffee is served within 20 minutes...or not at all. It's our reminder - and your guarantee.

Our famous premium blend coffee starts with our unique premium blend of 100% Arabica beans, grown in some of the world's most renowned coffee regions. We roast them in our own facility, under the watchful eye of our Coffee Masters who taste test up to 75,000 cups a year to make sure that we provide the same great Tim Hortons taste in every cup we serve. 
Best of all, our coffee contains no additives and no artificial flavors - just the special taste you know and love.

All that hard work is matched by the care our restaurant Team Members put into ensuring that you get a great cup of coffee. If a pot isn't served within 20 minutes, we pour it out and make a fresh one.  And they are always ready to make your coffee just the way you like it - and served with a smile.

Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership: Making a True Difference in Coffee Growing Communities

Tim Hortons has a tradition of making a true difference in the communities we serve. We're proud to show that same commitment to the communities that produce our coffee too.  It's about giving back, both around the corner and around the world.

This philosophy guides The Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership: We help those communities by supporting them in critical areas that will improve their coffee business, and their lives. The results speak for themselves.

Visit our Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership page to watch a video about a coffee growing community in Guatemala and learn more about how we are making a true difference.

Now it's your turn to share your Tim Hortons Coffee Story

For decades, Tim Hortons has received countless letters and messages from real people around the world. We love hearing true stories of how Tim Hortons has been a part of people's lives. We're glad to be a part of the memories you've made over a fresh, hot cup of our coffee.

It's the reason why we've created an online community to share these stories:

Whether it's the warm cup that wakes you up for those early-morning practices or a special moment you share with a friend over coffee, we want to know your Tim Hortons story and share it with others. Tell it in words, pictures, or video and post it on our site to be enjoyed by coffee lovers everywhere!