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Tim Hortons is proud to be a part of so many communities within Canada and parts of the US. We're also pleased to be the focus of so many student projects!

If you're looking for information for a school project, please review the information on our website carefully. If it's not on our website, then unfortunately, we're probably not able to share it.

Good luck and thanks for thinking of Tim Hortons!

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions in About Us, where we have information about our coffee, marketing programs, commitment to the environment, fun facts and more.

Need some general information about Tim Hortons?

In Our History, you'll find the story of the Tim Hortons chain, as well as Biographies of our co-founders, Tim Horton and Ron Joyce. Our Mission Statement is in the Join Our Team section, as well as other information about our corporate offices and job opportunities. In addition, you may find it useful to visit the Media section for further information about our operations, promotions and events.

You can print off Tim Hortons Trivia for a fun overview of our company, or a copy of our 40th anniversary issue of Tim's Times which includes lots of great Tim Hortons stories and facts from 1964 to 2004.

What about financial information?

Since Tim Hortons is a franchised company, we cannot share sales figures or product information from individual stores. Any financial information prior to 2006 is available to the public in the Wendy's Annual Report. Current financial information about Tim Hortons can be found at Tim Hortons trades on the TSX and NYSE under the THI symbol.

If you want to learn more about coffee and the coffee industry, a great resource is the Coffee Association of Canada's website at You can find out about the history of coffee, the roasting process, coffee terminology and more.


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