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Direct Share Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Interested investors who wish to purchase Common Shares of Tim Hortons Inc. may now do so in an economical and convenient way. 

The direct share purchase and dividend reinvestment plan provides interested investors that are resident in Canada and the United States with a program whereby participants may make direct purchases of initial and/or additional Common Shares. The plan also provides our shareholders with a simple and convenient method of investing cash dividends declared on our Common Shares in additional Common Shares.

The Common Shares purchased under the plan by Canadian resident participants will be acquired on the on the Canadian open market, including through the facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange or an alternative Canadian exchange, and Common Shares purchased by US resident participants will be acquired on the open market through the NYSE.   The purchase price of the Common Shares acquired through the plan will be the weighted average purchase price of the Common Shares purchased on behalf of all participants on the applicable stock exchange, on the date that such Common Shares are acquired.

Under the dividend reinvestment component of the plan, holders of our Common Shares resident in Canada and the US may opt to have cash dividends declared on their Common Shares reinvested in additional Common Shares.

Computershare Trust Company of Canada and Computershare Trust Company, N.A., as our plan administrators, will administer the plan.  Tim Hortons Inc. will pay the dividend reinvestment fees associated with the plan, but participants will be responsible for account, share purchase, sales, transfer and certain other fees charged by the plan administrators.

Our Common Shares are listed on both the TSX and the NYSE under the symbol "THI."

To access this program, Canadian residents should click on the following link:, and US residents should click on:

To reach our Transfer Agent, and Plan Agent, for additional information on participation in the plan including enrolment forms, please contact them as follows:

Canadian Residents:
Computershare Trust Company of Canada
100 University Avenue, 9th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2Y1
Tel: (800) 697-8078

U.S. Residents:
Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI 02940-3078
Tel: (888) 705-1022