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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mission statement?

Our guiding mission is to deliver superior quality products and services for our guests and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships. Our vision is to be the quality leader in everything we do.

Single Serve Coffee

What formats of single serve beverages are available from Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons single serve beverages are available for Keurig®* K-Cup® single serve brewing systems.

Where can I buy Tim Hortons Single Serve products?

Our Single serve products are available for purchase in participating Tim Hortons Restaurants as well as online through

Our single serve products are also sold online through

What types of Single Serve beverages are available?

To find a listing of all of our take home beverages, including single serve, visit our merchandise section of the website.

Tim Card®

Where can I find more information about the Tim Card?

Please read our Tim Card FAQs.

Donation Requests

Does Tim Hortons provide corporate donations?

Tim Hortons is a proud member of the many communities in which we operate. Our Restaurant Owners and Corporate Offices are involved in countless local fundraisers and events including: Smile Cookie which raises funds for a local charity of choice; Timbits minor sports - sponsoring thousands of children through local sports leagues; free swims and skates for the entire family; food drives and more. We remain focused on our Tim Horton Children's Foundation and the involvement of our local Restaurants directly in their communities. We feel that this focus will provide the greatest impact, and therefore we do not accept unsolicited product or in-kind donation requests.

Learn more about our initiatives:

Franchising Information

I would like some information about a Tim Hortons Franchise in Canada.

Please visit our Canadian Franchising section for a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions as well as additional information pertaining to Tim Hortons franchises in Canada.

I would like some information about a Tim Hortons Franchise in the USA.

Please visit our US Franchising section for a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions as well as additional information pertaining to Tim Horton franchises in the USA.

Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership

What is Tim Hortons approach to Fair Trade coffee?

Learn more about Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership and its unique approach to making a true difference in coffee growing communities.


What is Tim Hortons doing to deal with litter?

At Tim Hortons, we are aware of the environmental impacts of our packaging and waste materials. We are attempting to deal with the litter issue in a variety of ways:

  • We have anti-litter messages on all of our packaging items, including a "Do Not Litter" message on all of our take-out cups. Sadly, many people do not pay attention to these messages but we continue to work with other members of our industry to tackle the litter problem in a meaningful and effective way.
  • To ensure a clean community many Tim Hortons restaurants sponsor local clean up events and activities in their communities.
  • We have waste reduction strategies to try and combat litter from its source. Tim Hortons is one of the few quick service restaurants to offer china mugs, plates and bowls to guests eating in our restaurants. This helps to reduce paper waste being created in the first place.
  • All Tim Hortons restaurants sell reusable Tim Mugs. And while a Tim Mug may not be a practical solution for all guests it does provide a good alternative. The incentive for purchasing a Tim Mug is that the first coffee is free (coupon included inside the Tim Travel Mug) and each refill gets a 10 cent discount (hot beverage discount applies to any travel mug fill).

Can the Tim Hortons cup be recycled?

Yes the cup can be recycled but it is not accepted for recycling everywhere at this time. We currently have programs in a number of our restaurants across Canada where we capture our paper cup (and other packaging) for recycling or composting. The number of locations where we offer instore recycling continues to grow as we work with local waste management companies to expand our program. Please check your local Tim Hortons for a cup (and other packaging) recycling program. Also check your local residential recycling/composting program to see if paper coffee cups are an acceptable item.


Where do I find information about Tim Hortons Integrated Accessibility Policies and Multi-year Accessibility Plan?

This plan has been drafted in accordance with the Regulation and addresses how Tim Hortons achieves accessibility through meeting the Regulation's requirements. It provides the overall strategic direction that will be followed to provide accessibility supports to Ontarians with disabilities.

Click here for access to our Integrated Accessibility Standard Policies and Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.


Where does Tim Hortons get its coffee beans from?

Tim Hortons uses a premium blend of 100% Arabica beans from several of the world's renowned coffee-producing regions. Tim Hortons coffee is served within 20 minutes of brewing or it's not served at all. It's that quality and focus on "Always Fresh" that we think makes Tim Hortons coffee our guests' favorite.

Where can I get general information about coffee, the roasting process, etc.?

If you want to learn more about coffee and the coffee industry, a great resource is the Coffee Association of Canada's website at You can find out about the history of coffee, the roasting process, coffee terminology and more.

Is there nicotine or MSG in Tim Hortons coffee?

This urban myth is just that...a myth!

Tim Hortons guests expect and deserve high quality coffee that is always fresh and consistent, along with fast, efficient service and all at a good value. Tim Hortons would like to clearly state that there is absolutely NO nicotine or MSG in our coffee. Tim Hortons coffee has NO ADDITIVES whatsoever. It is made only from a blend of the highest quality premium Arabica beans from several different coffee growing countries.

Tim Hortons decaffeinated coffee also contains no additives. It is decaffeinated through what is called the Swiss Water method, which is the purest manner of removing caffeine from the coffee. Tim Hortons believes that our focus on quality, service and value, is what keeps our guests coming back for more!

Guest Feedback

I had a good/bad experience at one of your restaurants. What should I do?

Either way, we recommend that you speak with the restaurant owner or manager right away or complete our Online Survey. Our Restaurant Owners would love to hear from you.

You are also welcome to provide feedback and obtain further information directly from our Guest Services Department at our Oakville Head Office. A representative will respond to your request as soon as possible. We appreciate your feedback!


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