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Company Facts


Our guiding mission is to deliver superior quality products and services for our guests and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships.


Our vision is to be the quality leader in everything we do.


The TDL Group Corp. is the licensing company for Tim Hortons franchises presently operating in Canada and the United States. The Tim Hortons chain of restaurants began in 1964. Ron Joyce was originally the franchisee of Restaurant #1, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. By 1967, he and Tim Horton became full partners in the company and after Tim's tragic death in a car accident in February of 1974, Ron Joyce became the sole owner.


Five warehouse distribution centres, located in Guelph, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; Debert, Nova Scotia (Truro); Kingston, Ontario; and Aldergrove (Langley), British Columbia presently service the Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada and the U.S.

A fleet of branded trucks deliver food and supplies from our distribution centres to the restaurants.


The TDL Group Corp. employs more than 1,800 people across our principal offices, regional offices, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities. The franchised restaurant locations retain a staff of more than 96,000 people.

The chain receives support services through the following corporate departments:

  • Development/Real Estate
  • Construction/Design
  • Legal
  • Franchising
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Research & Development
  • Purchasing
  • Distribution
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Corporate Communications
  • Information Technology


A Franchisee Advisory Board made up of 16 restaurant owners from across the chain and management, meets on a quarterly basis to provide input on the main issues facing the industry and chain.  Company policy, major marketing programs and expenditures are the main focus of the Board.  Franchisees present reports from their regions on any issues of interest or concern to their business. The Franchisee Advisory Board exists in both Canada and the United States.