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Youth Leadership Program

Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership Program is the Foundation's long-term commitment to selected campers aged 13 years and older. The program focuses on the development of life-long leadership skills, teamwork and independence.

There are 5 successive 10 day programs in the Youth Leadership Program. The first level is based out of Tim Horton Onondaga Farms and focuses on introductory lessons in canoeing, portaging, and outdoor living skills. Levels 2 to 4 are based out of the Tim Horton Memorial Camp and involve 6 day wilderness canoe trips. Throughout these three levels participants learn leadership skills, goal setting, and decision making skills. The final level takes participants back to Tim Horton Onondaga Farms where they focus on their future, career development and the meaning of success.

YLP participants are tracked throughout the whole program, culminating in bursary opportunities to pursue a post secondary education.

"Camp has given me great memories, good friends, experiences of a lifetime, and also a new perspective of myself from which I hope to continue to grow. Thank you so much! You have given so much more than you'll ever know."

- Talor, YLP camper