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We're in the Hockey Hall of Fame, with exclusive displays and video footage paying tribute to Timbits Hockey players, past and present.

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My fondest memory of hockey was when Paul Henderson scored the winning goal against Russia in 1972. My father and I hugged for the first time in years and in the passion of the moment he promised me free coffee and doughnuts for life. He honored th... more

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My youngest brother always played street hockey with the other boys in our area. He wanted to play on a formal team, but with 8 children on the family, the money was not there to pay the fees and purchase the skates, equipment etc. When we were made ... more

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Just one time. It did not end well.

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Nicholas got to lead his team for his very first time ever, he was the happiest child in that moment. He's never looked back since :)

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Voici mon petit-homme déguiser pour le 31 octobre 2014

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