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I grew up on a small military base in the soutern part of Manitoba. We had a small rink. It was an outdoor rink but with a quonset hut over top of it, and there was no zamboni. My father and the other hockey Dad's used to scrape the ice by hand, usin... more

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Long time age when I was twelve years old, I went with my cousins to a place called Wrigley Creek to play ice hockey. There were eight of us when walking towards Wrigley Creek. It took us almost half an hour to get there by walking through bush trail... more

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the years my brother played timbits were special childhood memories of mine because we needed to spend so much time together as a family with friends at the arenas

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Aboriginal people to this day have a strong connection to their traditions dating back thousands of years, however we as Inuit, First Nations and Métis, as people, as Canadians, also share some truly Canadian contemporary passions, including the n... more

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My son loves hockey! He started palying this year at the age of 5. He not only enjoys playing but also loves to watch...he is very invloved in the game. This picture shows him watching from the bench...waiting for his nexy shift! He never goofs off, ... more

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