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Tim Hortons® Introduces Bottled Iced Capp® at Retailers Nationwide

More than 230,000 kids are having a ball this year in the Timbits Soccer Program

Tim Hortons Camp Day brews $12.6 million to make 19,000 kids’ futures brighter

Brewing a difference: Tim Hortons Camp Day helps kids turn their lives around

Media Statement: Tim Hortons Donates $100,000 to Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief Efforts

Tim Hortons turns over a new leaf with Fresh Salads

Tim Hortons introduces its Maple Iced Capp and Creamy Maple Chill Beverages

Reunited At Last: Tim Hortons and Nutella® Are Officially Back Together

Rituals reign during Tim Hortons RRRoll Up the Rim to Win