It's Rrroll Up The Rim To Win® Time At Tim Hortons!

It's Rrroll Up The Rim To Win® Time At Tim Hortons!

February 28, 2005 - Tim Hortons customers across Canada and the United States started rolling up the rims of their Tim Hortons coffee cups today in hopes of winning a prize as part of the chain's annual Roll Up The Rim To Win® promotion.

During the contest, customers in Canada who buy a medium, large or extra large coffee or any hot drink, and customers in the United States who buy a small, medium or large coffee or any hot drink at Tim Hortons get a chance to win from over 25 million available prizes which include 30 GMC Envoy vehicles, 100 Panasonic Plasma Theatres, 500 cash prizes of $1,000, 7,500 Coleman Camping Packages and Tim Hortons food prizes including coffee, donuts, muffins and cookies.

"Promotions like Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win® contest are tremendously popular with our loyal customers," said Meagen Lewandowski, Tim Hortons Corporate Communications Officer. "It's really a double win, because they get a great tasting cup of our signature blend coffee and a chance to win a prize all at once!"

In 2004, Tim Hortons stores across Canada and the U.S. gave away millions of food prizes, 24 2004 GMC Canyons, 93 Panasonic Plasma Televisions, 453 cash prizes of $1,000 and 6,580 Tim Hortons 40th Anniversary Bikes by Schwinn. All vehicles are awarded with full ownership to winners.

"It's so exciting to see the reaction on a customer's face when they win a prize," added Lewandowski. "People are happy when they win a donut or a coffee, so you can imagine how thrilling it is when a customer wins a grand prize! In addition, customers can watch the winners list grow at each store on our special Roll Up The Rim To Win® winners count display. Winning really does make great coffee even better!"

The Roll Up The Rim To WinM® contest runs while cup supplies last, however, prizes may be claimed up to the contest closing date of May 29th, 2005. Contest rules and regulations as well as prizing information can be found at all participating Tim Hortons locations or at or

Tim Hortons stores focus on quality, freshness, value, great service and community leadership. These core values have propelled the chain from its first store in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964 to over 2,470 stores currently across Canada, and a steadily growing base of 255 in the U.S. (located mainly in New York, Ohio, Michigan, Maine, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Kentucky).

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