• Youth Leadership Program
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Youth Leadership Program
The Program is designed to: The Program is NOT designed to:
  • provide participants the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, through structured workshops and wilderness trip experiences.
  • provide experiences to youth who are interested in personal growth, learning how to work well with others, and leadership development.
  • be an intervention for challenging behaviours, or a mental health treatment centre.
  • be a camp counsellor training program (“CIT”), although some graduates of the Youth Leadership Program may choose to apply to be counsellors at our camps.

We hold participants of the Youth Leadership Program to a very high standard. We have high expectations for their behaviour, attitude, and engagement in the Program. Participants are actively involved in planning their time at camp while in the Program and play an important role in workshops and discussions. Participants will be expected to set goals for themselves, both at camp and when they return home.


Level 1 – Roots

The first level of the Program is focused on “Building a Foundation” and understanding the basic concepts of leadership. The Roots level takes place at Tim Horton Onondaga Farms in St. George, Ontario. Located approximately one and a half hours west of Toronto, the Farm is situated on more than 400 acres of farm and wetlands. Wilderness experiences play a significant role in the Youth Leadership Program, and participants in the Roots level will have an opportunity to take part in an introductory overnight trip where they will be cooking and living outdoors with their cabin mates. There will be many opportunities for Roots participants to expand their  knowledge base through facilitated camp activities. These activities provide participants with a solid understanding of what it takes to be a leader, will help to develop their communication and teamwork skills, and give the chance to recognize the skills they may already possess.

Level 2 – Embark

Campers further explore their leadership as they advance their paddling and camping skills during a 4-day canoe trip. Time at camp is spent participating in cabin-based activities and volunteering within the local community.

Level 3 – Reach

As “Leader-of-the-Day”, campers have the opportunity to practice leading their peers while on their backcountry trip. Campers are given more ownership over their individual experience as they have their choice of varied length canoe trips or a hiking trip. Time at camp is balanced between level and cabin-based activities as campers continue their volunteerism and exploration of the local area at the Bannock Point Petriforms.

Level 4 – Ascent

To coincide with the final years of high-school, the Ascent level uses backcountry canoe trips to challenge the leadership, teamwork and communication of campers. Varied length canoe trips are offered to meet the unique interests of these older campers. Taking advantage of being close to Winnipeg, campers receive tours of local universities and colleges to encourage their pursuit of post-secondary education.

Level 5 – Summit

A strong emphasis on the transference of learning from camp and backcountry travel to home-life is focused on during structured workshops and debriefs. The final backcountry trip culminates in a choice of flat or moving water canoeing for the Summit campers. At camp, they are challenged with a Static High-Adventure Course and participate in a Sweat Lodge.

Every Tim Horton Children’s Foundation camp experience is designed to support participants in becoming responsible, caring and motivated individuals. We would like potential participants to consider applying for the Youth Leadership Program if they are truly committed to developing as individuals and members of their communities. Through the Youth Leadership Program, participants will develop the skills and resources to:

Be Responsible

  • Make decisions that reflect positive values.
  • Take accountability for their actions and respect consequences.
  • Demonstrate respect for themselves, others and the environment.

Be Caring

  • Build and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Contribute to family, school, community.
  • Show empathy and reach out to others in need.

Be Motivated

  • Have confidence in their ability to shape their own personal future.
  • Try new things and take on challenges.
  • Manage ambiguity and navigate adversity.
Because of camp…®

Because of camp…®

“Camp has given me great memories, good friends, experiences of a lifetime, and also a new perspective of myself from which I hope to continue to grow. Thank you so much! You have given so much more than you'll ever know.”
– Talor, YLP Participant

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